Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013


Game Title: Anna 

Genre: Creepy Adventure
Source: Steam
Developer: Dreampainters
Played before: No
Playtime: 50 Minutes
Multiplayer: No
Koop: No
Description: In points of game play it's a first person adventure like myst with a major creep factor. I won't spoil anything about the story or the puzzles so I limit the description to the game play and the visuals or more like the atmosphere. On the technical side the game isn’t a revelation but it is enough to make you shiver. It's the kind of game that you play alone in the dark with your headphones on. The puzzles are logical and if you pay attention to all the books, you will not get stuck to easy. Also don't forget to look inside your journal it gives you some hints on what to do next. (took me a while to figure this out). On the downside, it's often not clear what objects you can manipulate and you have to look really close not to miss something.
Verdict: You can see that the used engine isn't the freshest one. But altogether a good game for a dark, lonely and creepy winter evening.  
Will play again: Stays on the hard drive for now. 

You can tell by the titel screen, this is no comedy.

 Oh! This looks bright and lovely.

 And the award for the creepiest plant shadow goes to...

Use Axe on myself. Seems like a reasonable idea.

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