Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

Alien Swarm

Game Title: Alien Swarm

Genre: Action
Source: Steam
Developer: Valve
Played before: No
Playtime: 26 Minutes
Multiplayer: Yes
Koop: Yes
Description: Top down coop shooter with a small tactical touch. You control a squad of 4 Marines with 4 different classes through a mission against alien hordes. In single player you can switch between the characters to use their special features. There are some minigames like hacking doors or terminals, which can be tricky in single player modus when you have to depend on the AI of your comrades.
Verdict: Surprisingly fun game. Could be a really great in coop multiplayer.
Will play again: Stays on the hard drive.

 Choose your group.

Minigames are fun, as long as your AI comrades don't get eaten while you're at it.

 Keep an eye on your minimap it's also a movement detector.

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